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Gerák Andrea koncertinfó, magyar

In many corners of the world, the name and of course, first of all the voice of Andrea Gerak equals Hungarian folk song. While staying true to her roots, she takes the listener to other lands too, let it be Bulgaria, Turkey, the Solomon Islands or Ireland, amongst others. Traditional, world fusion or acapella interpretations: the singer with an unmistakable voice performs solo, in duos or accompanied by a full band, with some of the greatest musicians of Hungary, as well as with international artists. BOOKING

Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai, Ibrány (HU) 2010 Aug 20 - 11 Andrea Gerak & Friends / Gerák Andrea és Barátai - Szentes (HU) Aug 2009 Andrea Gerak portrait #8 Fabatka feat. Andrea Gerak at Magyar Jazz Ünnepe 2009, Budapest Jazz Club DSCN4866_edited Andrea Gerak & Barozda at Brugges Festival 2006 BURNS and friends 'Stockholm Sky' CD release @ Stampen, Stockholm, 2011 Oct 24 - #2 IMG_6587_edited-2

As Andrea Gerak's songs are often described as "very filmic", and her attractive look is great for the viewers' eyes, her performance as a singer/dancer and her singing will also suit well in television programs, documentaries, videos, short and feature films, especially where an ethnic touch is desired. Have Andrea Gerak or her voice in your film


Born on Ozd, grew up in Kazincbarcika (both in Northern Hungary, Borsod county), Andrea Gerak had her first stage performance as a little ballerina at the age of 5. From a few years later on, she was a member of several folklore groups, in the Borsod, Avas, Csepel and the legendary Bartok dance ensemble. In these groups she was often the soloist as a singer or dancer. You can see her dancing in the Golden Bear awarded movie Music Box by Constantinos Costa-Gavras.

After years of being first of all a mom and a wife, and searching for her path, Andrea Gerak continued her career on a new level from the recent years. Mostly as a signer, but she loves to put on the dancing shoes as well. 

She has been performing in most of Europe at festivals, clubs, exhibition openings, churches, private, corporate and community events, benefits - also available worldwide. Book Andrea Gerakyou will be happy with her presence and songs brightening up the place.

In the beginning of 2008, the artist had to undergo a cancer surgery, but a few weeks later she was already back on stage, representing her country at two international gala events in Stockholm. 

Andrea Gerak is a passionate traveler who loves her homeland, despite of that she's been spending more time abroad than in Hungary.  

Beside being an acclaimed vocalist, the artist is getting noticed for Photography as well. 


Mother Tongue (2011), by Effi Shoshani
This Way, Sweetheart! (2009)
Authentic Hungarian Village Music (2006), with Barozda 
Árva az a madár - Lonely Is The Bird (2006)
Madárka, madárka - Little Birdie (2003) 
Three Hungarian Folk Songs, maxi CD (2002) 
Madarka, madarka, MC (1998)


Bäst Före (r. Mats Arehn, 2013) acting
To Be Hungarian In The United States (John Hasulyo, 2012) Theme song
Donde la sierra se junta con el cielo (Alan Cambridge, 2010) Closing credit song
Hungary In Pictures (r. Marton Toth, 2004) Closing credit song
Power Games (r. Agnes Krepsz, 2003) Live on-scene singing
Music Box (r. Costa-Gavras, 1989) dancing


Hungarian (native)
English (excellent)

What people say:

“The enigmatic Hungarian female voice, possible successor of Marta Sebestyen” - Diálogos3 Blog

“If you want to hear a pure voice in it's highest state and just enjoy the ride, the lyricism in Gerak's presentation will be enough to carry the day. ” - Chris Spector, Midwest Record

"An awesome, nearly unbelievable voice ... 'Very filmic' ... Reminds me of Lisa Gerrard's vocal work for the film 'Gladiator'" - BeSonic

“This artist equals in skills and talent with one of today's most requested voices known from the movie The Gladiator and the band Dead Can Dance...” - Mortesium

"Finally a singer whose vocal range is large enough and I don't need to change the keys of my pieces" - Wouter Vandenabeele

Andrea Gerak Portrait by Model House Stockholm (2) Andrea Gerak portrait by Model House Stockholm Andrea Gerak portrait. Photo: Zita Tatrai   Andrea Gerak @ After Music Pub, Budapest, 2009. Photo: David Mark Erickson Táncpróba / Dancing rehearsal, 2008 Unexpected. Andrea Gerak. Photo: Gabor Mezei Andrea Gerak. Photo: Zita Tatrai  Andrea Gerak portrait. Photo: Zita Tatrai  

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