Mitsoura vs. Beyonce


About the recent Mitsoura vs. Beyonce law suit over Queen Bey allegedly using the Hungarian Roma singer's voice, I think that Monika Mitsoura will have a rather difficult time proving her point.


SWEDEN: Lucia Day


Lucia Day, the 13th of December is very special for Swedish people, celebrating Light. (Which I find a bit funny, for the days are extremely short in December) 

A special day for me too: in 2005, I stepped on Swedish soil with my then-husband, after spending a year in England. More about it: My Sweden anniversary

And exactly 7 years later, in 2012, I packed all my stuff and sat on a 40-ton truck, waving bye to cold Scandinavia for a while. MORE: >>>

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TRAVEL WITH A SONG: A Bosnian folk song in Prague


DSC00055When you travel, you will encounter all kind of great surprises. Like a Bosnian folk song, played by a Spanish and a Dutch musician, in a hostel lobby in Prague.

MORE >>>

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BUDAPEST: Budapest - The most underrated city in Europe


Parizsi udvar

Kendra Thornton, a popular travel expert from the US understands why Budapest is called Pearl of the Danube and Little Paris of Central Europe (actually the phrase is rather Paris of Eastern Europe, but she is right, geographically speaking). Hungary's capital boasts also the titles of Queen of the Danube and Heart of Europe.

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Fililibi at Kavarna Citadela 2014 Oct

Fililibi, FI-LI-LI-BI, phee-lee-lee-bee -- what's that??? 







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2 gift songs


Andrea Gerak pondering by the Danube in Budapest. Photo: David

To celebrate passing the 2000 mark on my Music Page on Facebook, I am giving away 2 songs as a gift, to say thank you for your support. MORE>>>



7 Songs for International Music Day


Double bass parking. Photo: Andrea Gerak

October 1st is the International Music Day, initiated by Lord Yehudi Menuhin in 1975.  (If I remember right, that was my first weeks in music school.)

I selected seven songs for you, demonstrating that Music Can Be Everywhere. Seven video clips, featuring everyday people doing music, some of them as buskers, others in unexpected life situations. MORE >>>



TRAVEL: Why not to travel?


View from a window in Mala Strana, Prague, to the Castle. Photo: Andrea Gerak In a previous post, we talked a little bit about Why Travel?, let’s talk  a little bit about why NOT to travel.



TRAVEL: Why Travel?


Village in Transylvania, Romania, 2011. Photo: Andrea Gerak Hi, this is Andrea Gerak, singer.  You might wonder: why would a Singer start a website about something non music-related, like Travel?

The answer goes back to my early childhood: already as a little girl, I was always super excited when we would go somewhere with the family. Oh, those big train trips (200km – a bit more than 100 miles – or so…) in Hungary, to visit the grandmothers and other relatives!

Still today, whenever I am traveling, I am just as excited as that little girl was: I feel exhilarated, I would love to jump around, clapping my hands and shout out to the world: “We are traveliiiiiiing!!!” Okay, I only do that in private :-)